New Year Wishes And Greetings

Its new year again! New promises, new resolutions, new tasks, new relationships, new opportunities, new strengths and a chance to be a whole new you! Though we all know its new year’s and a time to celebrate, but hearty wishes from your near and dear ones can lift your spirits and lift your spirits. So below are some of the greetings to cheer up your loved ones this time:

  1. Hey dear, it’s our first New Year’s together, and I want to tell you that you have always been and are special to me. I wish you all the goodness and all the happiness in life same as you have brought into my life. Loads of love, beautiful!
  2. With this upcoming year, I wish that all your resolutions and aspirations come true. May the dear Lord grant you all the blessings and peace of mind to excel in your endeavors. Hearty wishes and love to all of you.
  3. Guys! Its time to party again, eat and drink till the sun rises, dance like noone’s watching, sing like noone’s listening and love like it’s your last day here. Wishing lots of craziness, fun and delight on this New Year’s Eve and forever, to all of you.
  4. Dearest Mom and Dad, I want you to know that today, I owe all my success to you. With each passing year, you love and support me even more. I thank you and wish you all the happiness and peace in your life. Happy new year!
  5. To my loveliest princess, my daughter, I wish you all the laughter, fun, and love this New Year. Spread your charm and generosity to the world and work hard for everything you wanna achieve. I love you, my dear.
  6. With this festive season, I wish that all of you surround with joy and merriment. Spreads optimism and righteousness and strive hard for your passions. Explore the world. Travel. Make friends. Develop new hobbies. Smile and make the world smile.
  7. For the most awesome friends of mine, who taught me to care, love ,fight and make it up again, patience, honesty, and sharing even if you have a penny to live, for my buds-for-life, a very happy, exciting and prosperous new year. Party hard!
  8. With the upcoming year, I wish you fulfil new challenges, new responsibilities. Forget the past and the mishaps then, and cherish your present and plan for your future. Start afresh and spread love and brotherhood in the world. I wish you all a hearty and magnificent new year.
  9. Leave the sad memories behind, and create joyful ones this New Year. Help whenever possible and stay fit and makeup your health. On this New Year, I wish that you are blessed with a good fortune and positive energy to work sincerely. Greetings and smiles to all.
  • It’s the festive season again, but sadly you are far away from me this time. I miss you and want you to know that you are best husband in this world. Thank you for taking care of me like no one does, and for all the affection you show directly or indirectly. I wish you are blessed with prosperity, success and happiness this year. A happy new year, my hub! God bless.


Christmas SMS and Messages

Christmas SMS

With the story of our life turning pages each day comes several festival occasions and within these up comings is a special festival of merry and bright that is Christmas. so here is the time to turn on the lights and your love. this Christmas bless everyone with good and beautiful wishes to let the light of their hearts turn on. So the best way to wish someone this Christmas is through sending SMS’s and here we present you a short range of beautiful wishes and messages to wish your near and dear ones. Merry Christmas.

  1. Ho Ho Ho! Finally Christmas is here and the Santa is roaming around with gifts ready in his hand. Enjoy the beautiful season of Christmas with lots of love and happiness and the Christmas pie.
  2. Merry Christmas! The sleigh, the gifts and the Santa is ready to land at your home and wish you luck. This is the season to be jolly and may this Christmas fill in your days with merry and bright happenings and tales.
  3. Wishing all my near and dear ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s time to rejoice the ending of another year and celebrate the beginning of a new year. With Santa counting on the gifts let’s begin the countdown and Xmas.
  4. Hey all, Merry Christmas! The weather seems to be so Christmassy and rejoicing with the arrival of bells and presents. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great new year ahead.
  5. The season of the Yuletide is finally here and Jesus is all set free to bless us all with his charm and love. so it’s time to unpack the Chrimbo and rejoice every sense of this beautiful weather.
  6. We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and the saying goes further. Welcome to the season of Christmas and to Santa. Set on the journey to enjoy the decoration of Xmas, presents and the pie.
  7. May this festival of Christmas fill in your life with love and joy and may your life glitter like Santa’s presents and sweet like the cakes and other delicacies. Merry Christmas!
  8. Beneath the glittery braches of your Christmas tree are present love and wishes from the Santa, may all those special wishes fill up your life with love and happiness. Merry Christmas and wishing you a bright future ahead.
  9. May the love of Jesus bless all your souls and enlighten the dark sides of your life and may this occasion inject your heart with joy, love and happiness. Wishing you all a happy and a blessed Christmas.
  10. Bells are ringing and wishes are surrounding us all on the beautiful occasion of Christmas. The flying snowflakes have sent sincere and heartwarming wishes to you and your family. May the beauty of Christmas spread love, peace and joy in your family. Merry Christmas!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Family Members

BYour family is everything to you and with their birthday coming you surely have to pass on them the best wishes possible. As it is always said that spreading smile makes hearts happy it’s time for you to wish them funny wishes and add another year of happiness to their pockets. So here we have a list with funny wishes for your family members. Here are some Funny Birthday Quotes.

  1. Happy birthday grandma. So finally your birthday has arrived and its time for you t loose that sweet tooth and those killer looks. I know you are like a heart beat for many but with passing birthdays comes loose folds of skin and falling of the sexy looks. Just kidding my sweet and sensualising grandma, even if you mature and keep adding years to your age, still you will always continue to glow like a superstar. Wishing you a birthday and a never ending beauty. Lots of love.
  2. Happy birthday mommy. So wishing my sweet and ugliest creature a happy birthday who in spite of so much of makeup and stick ons has never managed a time alone with dad, even he gets furious and amazed looking at you mum. But what the fact is that materials just cost and relations don’t and hence in spite of not a day out with him you have always managed to be the super girl of his life. And you my lady love is the most beautiful girl of my life and don’t mind me being true to you and your looks.
  3. Happy birthday aunt. So we have got another occasion to see your not so cool but vibrating performance. Just a confession you seem to do robotics without any robotic mood, and you seem to perform western on jazz music and you seem to be so strange but what remains to be beautiful is that you are you and that no one else can be you. You have always been the power house of the family with our killer moves and grooves and so you are the most special person and my all time favorite. I love you aunt and here’s wishing this beautiful soul an amazing birthday.
  4. Happy birthday sissy. With another day adding up to your profile, it feels so good that you will die early and I will be able to get the much sought after attention and love. just joking, my sweet love what you have always been and will always be is special for all of us and that you will never die early because I am the elder one. Dumbo, no sense in reading so much.
  5. Happy birthday broad! So when your birthday and because you have managed to throw a bash it’s high time that I should reveal to your friends that how many times you poop and what is your mantra behind those fake abs and stuff. So tick tock and keep a close eye on me because a surprise can be anything.

Birthday wishes To Aunt

Birthday wishes to aunt

They say God has created mother on this earth so that man doesn’t feel his absence. But some relations seem to be equalising in effects and that is surely that of you your lovable and hearty aunt. So while it is her birthday what counts important are good wishes and greetings. So we have some prepared for you which you can easily choose from. Check Out These Great Birthday Wishes.

  1. To the woman who has always been there on my side since my childhood days and the woman who is my pillar of inspiration and support, a very happy birthday and may this birthday turn out to be the best for you.
  2. You are not just my aunt, but is just like a mother, scolded me for my wrong doings and yet never stopped loving me after that, here’s wishing my second mother a hearty congratulations on her 50th.
  3. Some people except from parents and siblings occupy a beautiful space in your heart, they become essential part of our lives and help you become a new you. You are just similar to that my aunt. To the most inspiring and motivating lady, here’s lot of wishes and love from my side. Happy birthday.
  4. There’s a famous saying which goes like “Distance means nothing if you are close to someone, and my dearest aunt is one of those” and you my aunt fit in to this. For the everyday advices, ranging to a varied subjects and topics you are my teacher and my inspiration. A very big thank you for what you have always been and warm birthday wishes to you.
  5. With each passing birthday it seems that intead of those appearing lines and wrinkles your beauty is just growing and is enhanced each passing day. You grows more and more elegant each year. Many happy returns of the day to the adorable aunt. Sending love, affection and generosity to you my love.
  6. Even when I am at a distance far apart from you, you never miss the small moment that makes me go gaga. The lip smacking cake, which you make every year, and the beautiful celebration and decorations seems to take a toll on my mind. To all the fun times, the crazy long chatters, in spite of the age difference, makes me feel homely every time I visit you. Birthday greetings, aunt!
  7. It’s the special day and once again my favourite person is going to grow and cut the cake. So you my aunt is the most childlike person in the universe and of course your habits. Here’s celebrating the birthday of the forever young, sexy and the most humorous lady. As you blow the candles of your birthday cake, I wish to god that all the blessing shower on you like blooming flowers.
  8. I remember the first time you came home after marriage, you were like so timid and was perpetual to your action of sitting quietly and unaffected by our noise. But when I see you growing all this while, you have just got better and is now the perfect who. So here’s wishing my favourite person a very happy birthday.
  9. Happy birthday aunt. May all your wishes come out to be true on this wonderful occasion.
  • Happy birthday aunt! Wish you a wonderful celebration and we all beseech your blessings on this beautiful occasion.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Greetings To Friends

Friends are your family. They are not just your friends but also your siblings and what not. They are the ones with whom you share all your good and bad days and moments and are the best people of your life. So when it’s time to wish them birthday it’s time for you to greet them with the funniest wishes possible so that they can at least get the bad side of themselves. So here we have a list of funny wishes for your friends you can choose from and wish them birthday. Here are the Best Birthday Wishes For Friend.

  1. Happy birthday friendicoes! Ya that is what is call you because, umm because I don’t know. You are my best and my worst friend with the most echoing and irritable voice. I wish I could have a friend who was good in voice overs and conversations so that I could make my boyfriend talk to you but you belong to a clan of boys, sweet heart with those unshaved hair and stuff and stuff and here’s just wishing you a razor so that you can clean yourself up before the party commences.
  2. Happy birthday Sleby! You are my love. My only affair and the only person because of whom I am surviving. Alright, so much of goodness and love in the above lines but please let me just tell you that you are the stinkiest person in the whole world with a single shirt that you repeat for almost a week, like constantly and all I wish is that god gives you a sense of smell this birthday so that you can get on to a better cloth.
  3. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear friend, oh wait happy birthday slothy. Yes the sloth, the most irritating and sought after person who is my best friend. I just can’t afford to be you friend you lazy creep and dumbo baby. All I wish for you on your birthday is that at least you get up every day to change that underwear of yours.
  4. Happiest birthday chef! So here’s a birthday wish along with a confession. Darling, you make the worst chapattis and the worst delicacies but still the more sugar like icing you do seems to tempt me every time I see you baking and cooking and I wish like drowning into it. Just kidding sweetheart, happy birthday and may god bless you with more such delicious recipes so that I can hang over them for my lifetime.
  5. Happy birthday lover boy! So when everyone is busy speculating our not so romantic friendship I am busy in sensing and thinking how can I be friends to a person who has got such a bad style sense and a drowning wardrobe. With you I feel like you have the worst clothes and the best underpants, such designs and art. Wishing happy birthday to my dearest friend and I wish I get to see a good and a stylish you after this birthday and my gift.